Jeremiah Allen

Automotive Crash Expert

(817) 330-9727

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

I am an accident reconstructionist with over a decade of law enforcement experience in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Since 2019, I have served as a detective specialized in fatality accident reconstruction and traffic crimes including hit-and-run, driving while intoxicated, and road rage incidents. I have excelled at resolving complex multi-disciplinary reconstructions. I have worked diligently to combine the fields of cellular forensics and accident reconstruction, leading to significant improvements in the identification and prosecution of distracted driving and felony hit-and-run cases. I am proud to have been a part of a significant restructuring of my agency’s traffic investigations unit that has led to a significant increase in the detection and prosecution of traffic homicides in both my jurisdiction as well as numerous others that have come to rely on my team’s expertise.


  • 400+ crash investigations
  • 100+ scenes forensically mapped
  • 60+ fatal crashes
  • 20+ felony crashes
  • 200+ hit-and-run investigations
  • 600+ driving while intoxicated investigations


Detective / Accident Reconstructionist

Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office (2019-Present)

Patrol Deputy

Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office (2012-2019)


B.S. Business Management

Western Governor’s University (2020)


Collision RECONstruction

Crash Dynamics (2021)

Cellular Technology and Forensics

PATCtech / LLRMI (2021)

CompTIA A+

CompTIA (2020)

Master Peace Officer

Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (2021)

TCOLE Instructor

Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (2023)




306 hours

Advanced Collision Investigation

Tim Lovett, Crash Dynamics

Southlake, TX, 2021 (80)

Accident RECONstruction

Tim Lovett, Crash Dynamics

Grand Prairie, TX, 2021 (80)

Commercial Motor Vehicle Crash Investigation

Lee Jackson, Traffic Crash Reconstruction

Fort Worth, TX, 2023 (40)

Bicycle/Pedestrian Collisions

Tim Lovett, Crash Dynamics

Hurst, TX, 2022 (40)

Energy Applications in Collision Investigation (CRUSH)

Tim Lovett, Crash Dynamics

Euless, TX, 2022 (40)

Motorcycle Collision Reconstruction

Louis Peck, Lightpoint Learning

Virtual, 2023 (26)



72 hours

Forensic Mapping

Tim Lovett, Crash Dynamics

Grand Prairie, TX, 2019 (40)

CRASH GNSS Diagram, Analyze, & Deliver

Randall Honeycutt, Trimble Forensics

Lake Worth, TX, 2023 (32)



56 hours

CDR Technician

Tim Seeley, Tim Seeley and Associates

Garland, TX, 2022 (16)

CDR Data Analyst

W. R. “Rusty” Haight, Collision Safety Institute

Dallas, TX, 2022 (40)



60 hours

Cellular Forensics Technology

Glenn Bard, PATCtech

Fort Worth, TX, 2021 (40)

Cell Phone Evidence: From Seizure to Courtroom

Glenn Bard, PATCtech

Fort Worth, TX, 2023 (20)


80 hours

Reid Technique of Investigative Interviewing & Advanced Interrogation

David M. Buckley, Reid Institute

Fort Worth, TX, 2020 (32)

Eyewitness Evidence/Identification

Lexipol Online Training

PoliceOne Academy, 2019 (8)

Crime Scene Investigation (Intermediate)

Stephen Seabolt, Tarrant County S.O.

Fort Worth, TX, 2021 (40)



28 hours

Vehicle Spin Analysis with George Meinschein, NAPARS, 2022 (2)

Vehicle Dynamics with Adam Hyde, NAPARS, 2022 (2)

BENDIX Pro with Tommy Sturdivan, NAPARS, 2022 (2)

Crash Investigations with Anthony Bandiero, Blue to Gold, 2022 (2)

Introduction to Forensic Acquisition of Mobile Devices in Accident Reconstruction with Shanon Burgess, WREX, 2023 (2)

GPS Data: Sources, Analysis, and Presentation with Gary Johnson, WREX, 2023 (2)

Comparison of Skidding Vehicle Drag Factor on Various Surfaces with Jenelle and Mick Hardiman, WREX, 2023 (2)

The Importance of Tires in Accident Investigation with T.J. Tennent, WREX, 2023 (2)

Video Analysis in Collision Reconstruction with Ben Molnar, WREX, 2023 (2)

Vehicle System Forensics: Background, Data Elements, & Validation with Wesley Vandiver, WREX, 2023 (2)

Working with GO Pro and GPS Data with Greg Russell, WREX, 2023 (2)

The Use of Mobile Device Lidar in Collision Reconstruction with Eugene Liscio, WREX, 2023 (2)

Learning Proper Methodologies by Learning from Mistakes of Others with Jeff Muttart, WREX, 2023 (2)

Automotive Test Equipment, DTCs, and Pre-Crash Data Sources with Kent Boots, WREX, 2023 (2)

Professional Development


Texas Association of Accident Reconstruction Specialists (TAARS)

Member, 2021 – Present

National Association of Professional Accident Reconstructionists (NAPARS)

Member, 2021 – Present

SAE International

Member, 2021 – Present

International Association of Forensic & Security Metrology (IAFSM)

Member, 2023 – Present


SAE Accident Reconstruction Digital Summit

Digital / March, 2022

SAE Accident Reconstruction Digital Summit

Digital / February, 2023

World Reconstruction Exposition (WREX)

Orlando, FL / April, 2023

Academic History

Instructor Appointments

14 hours

Accident Response for New Deputies

Tarrant County Sheriff’s Office

2021 – Present (14 hours total)